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     (1) Date:

          Last third of the third century (Gerke, 1940: 234).

     (2) Subjects:

          Jonah at Rest in the center, with sheep (?) above line of plant and leaves/gourds           [S1.1c]. Piety to the extreme front left [S1.2] and Philanthropy at the extreme             front right [S1.3]. Pastoral scenes with sheep and shepherds in between front           ends and center [S1.4]. Carefully balanced: (a) Piety, (b) Shepherd, (c) Sheep,           (d) Jonah, (c') Sheep, (b') Shepherd, (a') Piety.

     (3) Sources:

          (a) Gerke, 1940: 338 (II.4).

          (b) Klauser, JAC 4 (1961): 132 note 14.

          (c) Snyder: 36.

     (4) Pictures:      

          (a) Wilpert, 1929-36: Plate 54.3.

          (b) Gerke, 1940: Plate 53.1.

          (b) Klauser, JAC 1 (1958): Plate 8.3 for part [S1.1c].

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