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     (1) My S1-S62 listings follow the order in Snyder who inventories 12 sarcophagi & 44 fragments from Deichmann et al. as well as 7 fragments from Klauser, JAC 4 (1961): 132-133 notes 14-46 for a total of 63 items.

     (2) But his Deichmann #942 is redundant with his Klauser note 37 (Snyder: 42-43),  so that there are actually only 62 separate items.

     (3) Thus from S63 onwards I am proposing items which should be added to his inventory (based on the same principles he used to detrermine S1-S62).

     (4) Finally, Snyder uses all items in Klauser's JAC 4 (1961) footnotes except two:

(a) page 132, note 31 = Deichmann: #750 on page 308 & Plate 118, dated to the start of the   fourth century, which should be added to his inventory as S72;

(b) page 133, note 42 = Deichmann: #795 on page 333 & Plate 127, dated to the first quarter of the fourth century, which should be kept omitted. See [S80].

     (5) The dates accepted from Deichmann include up to "start of the fourth century" but ex-clude "first quarter" and "first third of the fourth century." The only exception to this is S23 which is dated "first quarter of the fourth century (?)."

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