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     (1) Date:

          First quarter of the fourth century (Deichmann: #795, page 333).

     (2) Subjects:

     Example of "unbalanced" lid-front with portrait on one side of the central tablet        (Gerke, 1940: 155 note 3). To the right of the central dedicatory tablet is a bust      of the deceased with scroll in left hand and right hand emerging from pallium in      teaching/speaking position . He is "unveiled" by putti on either side. [S64.1]. On its      right is a complete Jonah cycle [S64.2abc]: a reefed-sail ship moving to right with sailor      in the stern pushing Jonah into the jaws of the ketos and another figure, in Orans      position (?), between that and the mast. The ketos is intertwined and doubled so that      it faces to left to receive Jonah and to right to disgorge him and the Jonah at rest under      the gourd-vine to right seems emerging from its mouth from the waist up (Gerke, 1940:      181 note 6).

     (3) Sources:

          (a) Gerke, 1940: 368 (B.VII.B.I.II.12); 369 (B.VII.B.II.3) 370 (VIII.II.4.20).

          (b) Bovini: pages 146-147 & 287 (#57).

          (b) Klauser, JAC 4 (1961): 133 note 43.

     (4) Pictures:

          (a) Wilpert, 1929-36: Plate 84.4.

          (b)  Bovini: Figure 138 on page 146.

          (c) Deichmann: #795 on Plate 127.

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